Season 3 Episode 8: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This is Wit Story Line Review:

Season 3 Episode 8: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

A newly clean Nick returns home from rehab and is greeted by just Mike, who’s the only one who knew about him being in rehab. Over some pancakes, the two realize they need some other people to join them and after exhausting their other options decide to use necromancy to resurrect Greg and Scott.

This episode really is funny and a definite improvement over the previous one. From Mike getting a copy of the Necronomicon, the page in it referencing the Lazarus Pits from Batman and their eventual decision to use the Chicken Resurrection Ritual from Aqua Teen Hunger Force to resurrect their dead friends to myself and Scott being pissed off and angry over being brought back to life, this episode slaps. I actually don’t wanna talk too much about it, as it’s better to watch it and experience it for yourself.

Storyline Update:

With Nick back from rehab, but no one else to rely on, Mike and Nick decide to use necromancy to bring Greg and Scott back to life. However, the two are pissed off they’re back on Earth and alive again after being in Heaven hanging with dead celebrities and storm off after yelling at Nick and Mike.

Final Thoughts:

Hilarity. Pure and simple hilarity.


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