Michael Mayhew’s This Is Wit Season 3 Review

This is Wit Story Line Review

Season 3

Spoiler Warning:

Here we are at the end of the series. It’s been a truly wild ride and one you won’t soon forget. Overall, season 3 is my favorite of the three seasons, mainly because I feel that it just shows how creative the three guys behind it were. Except for a single dud of an episode and a slightly disappointing ending, this season is fantastic and that’s really al I have to say about it.

Storyline Update:

After going to Hell and Heaven respectively, Mike and Nick lead their respective afterlives armies into battle with each other, only for Adam to lose an eye in the crossfire. Angry at the two for constantly ruining his life, Adam leaves them. The two then try to make it up to Adam by taking him to a fortuneteller to see if his future gets better. Despite this, the three are somehow captured and Mike and Nick are forced into participating in a series of challenges like the ones in the Saw movie franchise to get an antidote for neurotoxin that Adam needs. Unfortunately, Adam is dead by the time they return. Afterwards, Mike and Nick are sued by Adam’s parents for the wrongful death of their son and the two decide to start their own meth lab after robbing one to make money to cover the settlement. In the process, Nick ends up addicted to meth and spirals out of control causing Mike to have to send him to rehab.

After getting out, Mike and Nick decide to resurrect Greg and Scott to round out their friend group only for Greg and Scott to rebuff them in anger. After that, a drug cartel Greg and Scott use to do business with kidnaps Mike and Nick in an attempt to extort money out of Greg and Scott to rescue them. Instead, Greg and Scott kill the cartel members and rescue Nick, as Mike had already escaped while the guards were distracted beating up Nick. The two are welcomed back into the friend group, only for Nick to kill them out of nowhere, claiming Adam told him to do it. It’s eventually revealed to Nick that it’s actually he who has been dead this whole time and imagined everything while Mike and Adam played along. In the end, upon discovering his corpse, he’s cursed to be stuck in his basement for the rest of eternity.

Final Thoughts:

For what it’s worth, this series is great and accomplished a lot on such a small budget.

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