Season 3 Episode 10: At Wit’s End

This is Wit Story Line Review

Season 3 Episode 10: At Wit’s End


Immediately after making Greg and Scott their friends again, Nick murders both of them suddenly, claiming that Adam told him to do it. He then continues to see Adam in a dress wondering around and follows him, obeying his every command. However, Nick soon learns a dark truth that has been kept from him. One which proves to be incredibly shocking.

Well, this is it, everybody. The last episode of the series. I have to say that while I do enjoy this episode, from Adam being in a dress for some reason, to Nick suddenly just dropping me and Scott for no reason and the final scene of Nick attempting to escape his basement that he is now trapped in, I also kind of find the ending a bit disappointing. Granted, given how low budget it all is, wasn’t expecting some Avengers: Endgame style conclusion, but the whole clichéd ending of it being revealed to have all never happened and that Nick’s been dead the whole time after being electrocuted by The Origin Code in the first season and as such he just imagined all of it while Mike and Adam played along kind of just, I don’t know. Kind of just wasn’t what I was expecting. Still though, the episode is funny and it doesn’t detract my enjoyment of the series as a whole, so I can’t really complain too much.

Storyline Update:

Nick kills Greg and Scott suddenly after supposedly being told to do so by Adam. After continuing to see Adam and blindly obeying all his commands, it’s finally revealed that Adam isn’t dead after he tells Nick to kill Mike with Mike objecting as that wasn’t part of their deal. They then reveal to Nick his corpse still in his basement and that all of the stuff they’ve done, minus him sleeping with the transvestite hooker, which did happen, was all imagined by Nick after dying, seemingly as a way to unconsciously cope with being dead. However, after seeing his corpse and fully realizing he’s dead, he’s now trapped in his basement for all eternity, leading him to ask Mike if this is Hell. Mike simply replies, “This? This is wit.”

Final Thoughts:

A little disappointing of an ending, but still funny overall.


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