Season 3 Episode 7: And Then There Was One

This is Wit Story Line Review:

Season 3 Episode 7: And Then There Was One

Spoiler Warning:

In this short episode, Mike is left feeling troubled from his hand in all the events recently and after a nightmare involving Adam, he decides to try and escape the country with Val’s help.

There’s not much to say about this episode. It’s ridiculously short compared to all the other episodes in the series, running only a little over 5 minutes long where as most of the others were closer to ten minutes or over. It’s definitely the weak link of the season as not much really happens. Mike’s nightmare with Adam is funny, as is his stealing a car from what is clearly Adam in a wig and woman’s clothes, but not much happens overall and it kind of ends up feeling like it’s just there to fill space.

Storyline Update:

With Nick in rehab and still feeling guilty over Adam’s death, Mike attempts to flee the country with Val’s help but fails to. However, this is revealed to be another dream of Mike’s.

Final Thoughts:

This is the only episode of the third season I find to not be all that great. It’s kind of forgettable and not as good as the rest.


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