Season 3 Episode 2: The Fortune Teller

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Season 3 Episode 2: The Fortune Teller

Spoiler Warning:

Feeling guilty for Adam, Mike and Nick decide to try and visit him to make amends. Nick then suggests they all see a fortuneteller to see what their futures hold for themselves.

This episode is unfortunately a little weaker than most of the other episodes in season 3. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about it just doesn’t make me laugh quite as hard. There are still some real bangers in the episode like Nick’s two future deaths from AIDS and the whole bit about Adam getting rich from making a tell-all book about his experiences with Mike and Nick. The episode doesn’t have much too it though, so I can’t really say much else besides that.

Storyline Update:

To make up for getting Adam injured, Mike and Nick take Adam to a fortuneteller where they learn that Adam will one day become super rich from a book he writes and will take Nick and Mike out to the words under the guise of a hunting trip to kill Nick.

Final Thoughts:

It’s a pretty good episode. Nothing really amazing, but still pretty decent.


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