Season 3 Episode 1: Hell’s Gates

This is Wit Story Line Review

Season 3 Episode 1: Hell’s Gates

Spoiler Warning:

With Mike and Nick out of his life, Adam is now finally free to live his life without any stress. Or so he thought. Turns out the apocalypse is coming and the armies of Hell and Heaven are being led by Mike and Nick respectively and Adam’s caught in the middle. What will happen next? Will there be a happy reunion? Definitely not.

This episode is another really funny one. Mike and Nick’s banter while facing each other down is pretty great, as is when Nick and his army christen themselves, “The Mighty Ducks.” Then of course there’s the lines my brother and I have, which I still laugh at even though I know them by heart. What can I say? I can be pretty funny at times. Plus, Adam actually losing an eye brings everything around full circle and was a nice touch on Mike and Nick’s part in the writing.

Story Line Update:

Mike and Nick lead the armies of Hell and Heaven into battle against one another with Adam getting caught in the middle. In the process, Adam loses an eye and after getting patched up leaves Mike and Nick in anger due to them once again ruining his life.

Final Thoughts:

This is an excellent start to the final season of the series and continues to show just how funny the people involved in this show are.


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