Season 1 Episode 5: Shoemaker

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Season 1 Episode 5: Shoemaker

Spoiler Warning:

The episode starts off right after our trio of protagonists return from the funeral for the, “You want me to fluff him,” gag at the end of episode three. Unfortunately, they then learn that Joel Schumacher, the director of the infamous Batman Forever and the even more infamous Batman and Robin has made another Batman film. This news coming so soon after already one devastating event breaks Adam. Determined to stop this event from transpiring, Adam takes matters into his own hands.

Now first off, I feel Adam’s pain. Batman and Robin is easily one of the worst movies ever made and the thought of another film like it being made is enough to make me angry and upset, too. Adam’s decision to try and suicide bomb the movie premiere dressed as Batman is hilarious and when Adam drops his coat after hearing the news, I lose it every time. Not to mention the ending where right after Mike finishes talking Adam out of his suicide bombing plan, we cut to Nick killing Schumacher with a sniper is just so great.

But, I will say that there are a couple gripes I have with the episode. Specifically, Adam’s letter to Mike and Nick and Nick’s list of movies he hates. Both go on waaaaaaaaaay to long. Not to mention several of the movies on Nick’s list are good and I’ll fight any motherfucker who says otherwise. I feel if they had been pared down, it would have been funnier.

Storyline Update:

The boys return from the funeral only to discover that Joel Schumacher is making another Batman movie, causing Adam to turn to domestic terrorism to stop it.

Final Thoughts:

A lot of solid jokes, but a couple just drag on for too long and kind of ruin the flow of the episode.


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