Season 1 Episode 7: Quantum Physics Theory of Relativity

This is Wit Storyline Review:

Season 1 Episode 7: Quantum Physics Theory of Relativity; Part One & Part Two

Spoiler Warning:

Mike receives a call from Nick asking him urgently to come over to his house. Upon arriving, he and Adam are shown a floating black object by Nick, which they end up touching and are transported to an alternate universe where Adam is the asshole of the group and Mike is the rational, level headed one. They also discover that alternate universe Nick was the one responsible for telling them Adam was dead so they’d use The Origin Code and rip a hole in the fabric of space time in a convoluted plan to kill himself. Oh and Freazzz is black.

Nick’s interactions with his alternate universe counterpart are easily one of the biggest highlights of the episode. They always had me laughing my ass off and are just fantastic. The crew’s interaction with black Freazzz (who they rename Will at the end), is also fucking funny. Especially when Nick tries convincing him to come with him. Not gonna spoil it, but it kills me. Every. Damn. Time. This is honestly a great two part episode that makes me giggle like an idiot and has the cast firing on all cylinders throughout. Which is nice given the lackluster last two episodes.

Storyline Update:

Our protagonists venture into another dimension which they discover has been caused by their use of The Origin Code in episode 2 and that it was orchestrated by alternate universe Nick in a convoluted plan to kill himself.

Final Thoughts:

A much more focused and well done episode, as opposed to the last two. Very funny and the way it ties things to the beginning of the story is great.


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