Season 1 Episode 8: Don’t Eat the Worm

This is Wit Storyline Review:

Season 1 Episode 8: Don’t Eat the Worm

Spoiler Warning:

This episode takes obvious inspiration from the much loved, “Hangover,” movies, with the guys waking up one morning in Nick’s basement trying to recall the events that happened the previous day, which is not where I’d wanna wake up, to be honest. Especially if I can’t remember what happened the night before. Nevertheless, the episode is fucking fantastic. Every single joke hits hard and fast. Nick’s story of the pregnant hooker and Adam’s reaction to it had me dying and then of course there’s the whole, “No, this is what really happened,” gag at the end, which while done before is still absolutely hilarious. Mainly due to Mike and Nick.

Storyline Update:

After traveling to another dimension, Mike and Nick get blackout drunk, forcing Adam to come pick them up. The next morning the two try to remember what went down the night before, only for Adam to let them know what actually happened.

Final Thoughts:

A really funny episode. Short, sweet and to the point, it does what it needs to and leaves. Solid work, overall.


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