Season 1 Episode 9: Blue Skies, Green Grass

This Is Wit Storyline Review

Season 1 Episode 9: Blue Skies, Green Grass

Spoiler Alert:

Well…It finally happened. After dealing with Mike and Nick’s bullshit for so long, Adam snaps and leaves the group, though he promises to send over someone to replace him. His replacement? Will aka black Freazzz from episode 7. What follows is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The EXTREMELY politically incorrect humor that ensues harkens back to memories of South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and many other classic button pushing comedies I grew up watching. Mike and Nick’s constant awkward, and accidentally racist attempts at interacting with Will just kill me every time. And then when Adam inevitably returns at the end of the episode and it’s revealed he’s only been gone a half hour is something that will never not make me laugh. Overall, I love this episode.

Storyline Update:

After growing frustrated with Mike and Nick’s shenanigans, Adam departs, sending Will over to act as a replacement. Mike and Nick’s attempts at interacting with Will do not go over well.

Final Thoughts:

This might be the best episode of season 1. It just lays me out with it’s constant barrage of jokes and not just Mike and Nick, but Will too, are fantastic. A real highlight.


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