Season 1 Episode 10: Bunnyfield

This Is Wit Storyline Review

Season 1 Episode 10: Bunnyfield

Spoiler Alert:

With Adam back in the gang, our trio once again hang out at Nick’s. But of course, things don’t stay normal for long. After Adam goes out to catch a rabbit he sees in Nick’s backyard, it becomes extremely apparent this is no ordinary bunny when it mauls Adam and starts hunting Nick and Mike down. Parodying the found footage genre, but more specifically in this case, “Cloverfield,” the episode is yet another slam dunk. Adam’s high pitched, “NOOOOO!,” as he’s dragged off screen by the bunny is so fucking funny, it always gets me laughing like a hyena. Everyone’s reactions are just so perfect and the timing of the jokes is just perfect.

Storyline Update:

Now reunited, the friends are attacked by a vicious rabbit and are hunted down while they film the whole thing on a camcorder.

Final Thoughts:

Easily tied with the last episode as the best episode of season 1. Nonstop barrage of sight gags, funny reactions and one-liners leave you laughing your ass off and happy. A slam dunk.


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