Michael Mayhew’s This Is Wit Season 1 Review

This Is Wit Season 1 Review

Spoiler Warning:

Well, we made it to the end of the season. We’ve seen Nick, relive Adam’s last moments to find out where he was, the funeral of Adam’s Xbox 360, Adam’s attempted (and Nick’s successful) assassination of Joel Schumacher, our intrepid heroes journey to an alternate dimension, their drunken escapades, their attempts at making a new friend and their confrontation with a killer rabbit, leaving Mike seemingly the only survivor. The series so far has had it’s ups and downs. It’s been really funny, but not always consistently. A couple episodes kinda lagged behind others, but towards the end, it seems like it finally found it’s footing, being able to stand proudly as a really funny and enjoyable YouTube series.

Storyline So Far:

After using The Origin Code to locate Adam, Mike and Nick reunite with him. Our heroes then hold a funeral for Adam’s Xbox 360 and upon returning from the funeral discover that Joel Schumacher is making another Batman movie, which causes Adam to spiral into a deep depression that causes him to attempt to assassinate Schumacher, only for Mike to talk him out of it. Though Nick commits the killing himself, unbeknownst to the other two.

Afterwards, when Nick calls Adam and Mike over to his house, they discover a mysterious object which transports them to another dimension where they meet alternate versions of themselves. It is then revealed that the call they received about Adam that caused them to use The Origin Code, which ended up creating the tear in the space/time continuum, was orchestrated by alternate Nick in an elaborate attempt at killing himself.

After returning to our world with a new friend, Mike and Nick get ridiculously drunk and struggle to remember the previous night until Adam reveals that they picked up a transvestite hooker, who Nick ended up sleeping with. Afterwards, Adam leaves the group and is briefly replaced by Will, the person they brought back from the alternate dimension, only for Mike and Nick’s awkward attempts at discovering what his thing is pushing him away. Adam reconciles with the group and shortly afterwards, they are attacked by a killer rabbit with Mike seeming to be the only survivor.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this season is pretty good. Not fantastic, but there’s potential there and it definitely makes you wanna keep watching to see what happens next. An overall solid watch.


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