Season 2 Episode 1: The Phantom Casting

This is Wit Story Line Review

Season 2 Episode 1: The Phantom Casting

Spoiler Warning:

Sometime after Nick and Adam’s disappearance following the attack from the bunny at the end of season 1, Mike decides he needs to move on and find some replacements for them. And what better way to find new friends, than to have an audition? However, things don’t go quite according to Mike’s plan and he soon finds himself in deep shit.

This episode is a great way to kick the season off as everyone in it is firing on all cylinders. It also shows that even without Nick and Adam, the show can still be absolutely, Goddamn hilarious. Mike gets a chance to shine and show off his outstanding solo comedy skills. The others who appear in this episode truly bring a lot to the table as well. The scene where James tries to tell Mike a sob story about losing his sister, only to have Mike cut him off and tell him they have the same sister and that she’s still alive is gold. Overall, a fantastic episode.

Storyline Update:

Mike decides to hold open auditions for replacements for Nick and Adam and almost gets raped in the process. He then hires the two guys who saved him as Nick and Adam’s replacements.

Final Thoughts:

The show seems to be firing on all cylinders now as the season kicks off with a bang after it finds it’s groove.


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