Season 2 Episode 2: Attack of the Fanboys

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Season 2 Episode 2: Attack of the Fanboys

Spoiler Warning:

After being saved from being raped, Mike has hired his two saviors, Greg and Scott, to be his new friends. He’s then roped into going to a local nerd convention with them, as well as a friend of theirs named, Grant. They get sidetracked however after running into Will, who gives them LSD-laced M&M’s. This leads to a trippy experience that will leave Mike with the burden of having to save his new friends… or at least in theory.

This episode is probably one of my favorites not just in season 2, but the whole series. It just makes me laugh so Goddamn hard. Everything from Scott’s acid induced freak out, the toy clone troop carrier on the string being used to represent Mike’s car, the throwback to Mike’s previous Rockstar Addiction series of videos and the jail scene at the end never fail to make me laugh hard.

Storyline Update:

Mike and his new friends, Greg and Scott, plan on going to a nerd convention only to be tricked into taking acid, leading to Greg and Scott getting arrested. Mike then kills Will in an attempt to free them, but Greg is raped in jail.

Final Thoughts:

Gut-bustingly hilarious from start to finish, this is a hell of a great episode.


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