Season 2 Episode 3: Revenge of the Hare

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Season 2 Episode 3: Revenge of the Hare

Spoiler Warning:

After Mike’s failed attempt at getting Greg and Scott out of jail, the two show up to Mike’s house, pissed off at him for leaving them to rot. After accusing Mike of possibly getting his old friends killed, Mike defends himself and tells them the whole story of what happened that fateful day when the rabbit attacked.

This episode serves as both a continuation of the previous episode and the season 1 finale. The episode is pretty funny, but I feel like it’s a bit weaker than the previous two in the season. And no, that’s not because I’m in it less. Rather it seems less, I don’t know, cohesive I guess? It’s still funny as hell, especially when Mike and Nick are attacked by the rabbit while trying to escape only for Adam to save them and when Scott is told to stop talking in his fake Irish accent only to switch to a Jamaican one. But I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel as funny to me. But whatever, it’s still pretty good and definitely better than some of the episodes from the first season.

Storyline Update:

After failing to break Greg and Scott out of jail, Mike gets confronted by them. He then proceeds to reveal that Nick and Adam didn’t in fact die and are in fact, alive and well. They’re just not speaking to him. He then tries to option off the story of his, Nick and Adam’s being attacked by the rabbit to a movie studio.

Final Thoughts:

A pretty good episode, but pails in comparison to the previous two episodes and the one that comes after it.


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