Season 2 Episode 4: All Hope is Gone

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Season 2 Episode 4: All Hope is Gone

Spoiler Warning:

Now with no friends at all Mike, wonders what he’s gonna do next. He doesn’t have to wonder long when Nick and Adam suddenly pop back into his life and a zombie outbreak occurs. Now faced with growing threat from the undead, Mike, Nick and Adam must figure out what is going on and try to survive.

This episode is another one of my favorites from the whole series. As a huge fan of anything zombie related, this episode really makes me happy. It is made all the funnier by the fact that it was made and released not too long after the infamous, “Miami bath salts zombie,” incident, which the episode references. The whole thing is done in the series trademark ridiculously over the top style. It also shows how Adam and Nick met back up and came to reuniting with Mike, which is one of the funnier moments in the episode. It’s also shown that Greg and Scott have now become zombies giving the show the chance to remove them from the story (for now). The zombie makeup is also pretty great, especially given the low budget nature of the show.

Storyline Update:

Mike reunites with Nick and Adam during a zombie outbreak which has claimed Greg and Scott as victims.

Final Thoughts:

Love it. It’s purely and simply a funny and great love letter to zombie fiction and one of the best episodes of the series.


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