Season 2 Episode 5: MISSING

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Season 2 Episode 5: MISSING

Spoiler Warning:

After reuniting and surviving the zombie uprising in the previous episode, our trio of protagonists enjoy a brief bit of respite, only for Nick to of course ruin it by accidentally knocking Mike unconscious. Mike subsequently finds himself back in Florida with his old friends from the state. Things eventually and obviously go off the rails from there.

The episode is a clear parody and homage to Lost, especially given the name of the episode and everything. However, I never finished Lost, so I don’t think I appreciate this episode as much as someone who did. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it. Mike’s old Florida friends are a very funny and talented bunch, with Dale, Larry and Corey being especially funny in this episode. I also love Nick’s line towards the beginning when after denying the criminal charges against him and the subsequently knocking Mike out with a chloroform covered rag quips, “Adam, maybe I did rape those kids.” Fucking kills me, every time.

Storyline Update:

After reuniting and surviving a zombie outbreak, the boys relax only for Nick to accidentally knock Mike out, leaving him to dream of being back in Florida with his old friends on a Lost-esque journey of mind-bending weirdness.

Final Thoughts:

A really good episode, though I’m not sure if I can really appreciate it as much do to my limited knowledge of Lost. Still funny as hell, though.


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