Season 2 episode 8: The Hunt for Blue October

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Season 2 episode 8: The Hunt for Blue October

Spoiler Warning:

After everything that has happened to our trio of friend’s it’s now time for them to have a well deserved day of going to the movies. Or they would if Nick didn’t hold them up. First because he needs to dispose of a body, then because he needs to locate his driving tunes, the titular Blue October CD. Will the guys find Nick’s CD? Will they make it in time to see their movie? Yes. Yes they will.

This episode is a really funny one. A lot of that mainly has to do with Nick, of course as the episode is mainly driven by him and his idiocy. As such, his causing various delays to the guys going to see a movie are hilarious. The scene referencing the first Modern Warfare always leaves me doubled over from laughter and the bombshell at the end of Nick saying he doesn’t even like Blue October and meant his Blue Öyster Cult CD and then immediately finds it is just…fantastic. Adam and Mike do a pretty great job with their playing off of Nick’s ways and make the episode a worthwhile watch.

Storyline Update:

Mike, Nick and Adam are supposed to go to a movie, only for Nick to hold them up due to his tendency to get distracted easily which leads to them missing several showings of the movie.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this episode is a quick and lean one that still is funny as hell and a great episode.


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