Michael Mayhew’s This Is Wit Season 2 Review

This is Wit Story Line Review

Season 2

Spoiler Warning:

Another season down, everybody. From acid trips, to zombie outbreaks, to homicide, to going to the damn afterlife, this season has been one hell of a ride. The three principle actors all proved their capabilities as comedians once again and showed a marked improvement overall from the first season. With this season down, there’s unfortunately only one left to go, but man is it something as well.

Story Line So Far:

With Nick and Adam seemingly dead, Mike decides he needs to find some new friends and holds open auditions for new friends. When one of the people auditioning attempts to rape him, he’s saved by two of the other people auditioning, Greg and Scott. After being made his new friends in thanks for saving him from being raped, Greg and Scott drag Mike to a nerd convention with another friend of theirs, Grant. After meeting with Will, he gives all of them acid leading to Greg, Scott and Grant being arrested. Mike straight up murks Will while trying to break Greg, Scott and Grant out of jail only to fail. Greg is then raped by Grant in prison.

After getting out of jail, an angry Greg and Scott confront Mike about his leaving them with the two then accusing Mike of getting Nick and Adam killed. However, Mike reveals that Nick and Adam are actually still alive, but have just not been in contact with them. Greg and Scott then leave Mike in disgust, leaving Mike to try and decide what to do next. However, a zombie outbreak occurs, which reunites Mike with Nick and Adam. After surviving the zombie hordes, Mike is knocked unconscious by Nick where he has a surreal dream about being back in Florida with his old friends. Nick then almost makes the guys miss their movie and then while trying to find a religion to join, gets all three of them killed with Mike going to Hell, Nick going to Heaven and Adam being allowed to return to Earth.

Final Thoughts:

A major improvement over the first season, this season shines bright like a polished diamond and leaves one with a sore gut from laughing so hard and wanting more.


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