Season 3 Episode 5: Meth of a Salesman

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Season 3 Episode 5: Meth of a Salesman

Spoiler Warning:

After starting their meth lab, Nick and Mike experience difficulty selling their product. After trying to sell meth to people over the phone, Nick decides to try meth out for himself to prove it’s not dangerous and ends up addicted to it.

This episode continues the Breaking Bad references established in the last episode and is just absolutely hilarious. Nick’s descent into meth addiction is and his attempts at selling it are hilarious. Specifically, his ideas to sell meth over the phone by picking random names from the phone book and calling them to see if they want to buy meth and even starting a lemonade stand that sells meth. Not only that, but his revelation that he sold meth to middle schoolers is hilarious, as well.

Storyline Update:

Nick struggles to sell the meth he and Mike made and after being rejected by a potential buyer due to it’s dangers, he decides to try it himself to prove them wrong. Unfortunately, this leads to him becoming a meth addict.

Final Thoughts:

Any time Nick gets to be, well Nick, is a great time indeed and this episode provides that in spades.


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